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Pizza is about the Pleasures of Lifeā€¦
Storytelling, Traditions, Secret Recipes, Family, Culture...

Pizza is probably the most perfect food there is
But to make it perfect is where the art lies.
At Chicago Pizza, we believe that the best slice
is the one that captures all your senses and takes
you through a gastronomical journey like no other.

Chicago Pizza is committed to creating the
best pizza possible by using the freshest of all
ingredients without any compromise, everyday.

So just give us a call or stop by at
one of our pizzerias to get a taste
of the ultimate comfort food.

What's New

New & improved

Chicago Pizza Kit!

Cheese blast 9" base launched!

New outlet at

Okhla Fortis Hospital

Gurugram Fortis Hosptial

Gurugram Accenture

Okaya Sec-62 - Noida

Kumar Para Guwahati - Asaam

Opening Soon

CP Omax MALL - Noida

Green Boulevard Sec-62 - Noida

Platinum - Gurugram

Naptune Mall - Mumbai

Varanasi - UP